Farah Pandith poses for picture outside of building

Photo: Anna Miller/Tufts University

Episode 27:

How to Combat Extremism

As an American Muslim, Farah Pandith refuses to let terrorists—like those behind the September 11 attacks—redefine her country or her religion. In her role as the U.S. State Department’s first-ever Special Representative to Muslim Communities, she traveled the globe to find common ground with other Muslims, particularly young people, and developed strategies to combat the radical ideology of terrorist recruiters.

A close-up view of Cannavis plants outdoors.

Photo: Depositphotos

Episode 26:

The Promise and Problems of Cannabis

Recreational cannabis with mind-altering levels of THC is now legal in 10 states. Many more states allow sales of CBD, a chemical from cannabis that won’t get you high, but is claimed to have myriad health benefits. Yet big questions remain: How safe is cannabis? How should it be regulated? And who gets to profit from its sale? In this episode, plant chemist John de la Parra and attorney Ernest Anemone delve into those questions.