One Kneeland Street

Photo: Alonso Nichols

110. Rachel’s Amphitheater

Louis Fiore, D62, saved for dental school by playing sax in a dance band while his mother, Rachel, added in her wages from a carpet mill. In 2008, Fiore and his wife, Jean, honored Rachel’s memory by funding this new lecture hall. They each received the Dean’s Medal.


111. The Glickman Periodontology Library

Irving Glickman, D38, published four editions of Clinical Periodontology that reinforced Tufts’ international reputation. His legacy is honored by this library, funded in large part by former students and colleagues—as well as alums and faculty who never met Glickman, but are the grateful beneficiaries of his vision.


Student Living Room

Photo: Kelvin Ma

112. The Dr. Edward Becker Student Living Room

The go-to spot to eat lunch or socialize is named for Edward Becker, D34, H94, who endowed a scholarship, a professorship and several rooms in the building.


113. The Craniofacial Pain Center

One of the largest centers of its kind in the country, it pioneered interdisciplinary solutions to complex pain problems, headache and sleep disorders. It has its roots in the Gelb Craniomandibular Pain Center, established in honor of Harold Gelb, D47, who made early advances in the field of jaw pain.


114. The Dr. Cyril Gaum Endodontic Clinic

Cyril Gaum was New England’s first formally trained endodontist and cofounded Limited to Endodontics Inc. His business partner, Vangel Zissi, D62, DG67, recalled the advice Gaum gave students over 47 years of teaching: “Put yourself in the chair. How do you want the doctor to treat you?”


Sim Clinic

Photo: Alonso Nichols

115. The Sim Clinic

With manikin heads as willing patients, this is where dentistry begins to come alive for new dental students.


116. The Deranian Museum

Recall a time when drills were run by foot and amalgam was mixed by hand at a display named for H. Martin Deranian, who taught dental history for 40 years.


117. The Vertical Expansion

The five-floor topping off of One Kneeland, completed in 2009 at a cost of $68 million, provided 95,000 much-needed square feet of new teaching, treatment and office space.



Photo: Alonso Nichols

118. The Ortho Clinic

Where else can you take a seat in a dental chair and get this incredible view with your treatment?


119. The Indefatigable Mark Gonthier

The Executive Associate Dean’s leadership skills and boundless enthusiasm for creating a student-centered community have earned grateful accolades, including the Dean’s Medal. Two graduates set up the Mark Gonthier Endowed Senior Prize Fund in Outstanding Service, and the D10s dedicated their senior class gift to him. “It’s important to model to the students what I mean when I say ‘Try to be your best self, as much as you can,’ ” he said. “I always try to take the high road.” (He also always tries to take the stairs—Gonthier gets in his daily steps by shunning the elevators.)


Robert Buchanan

Photo: Scott Tingley

120. Buchanan in Bronze

All who enter the lobby are greeted by a sculpture of Robert Buchanan, D46, one of our most loyal graduates. For his 50th reunion, he created a trust to establish a professorship in operative dentistry. For his 60th, he made another planned gift, the first major gift toward the vertical expansion project. The lobby on the 15th floor is named in recognition of his generous gesture. He received the Dean’s Medal in 1998. Although he’s now retired—and living in Pueblo, Colorado—it’s a pleasure to see him every day.

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