Wilkins-Tufts Explorer

135. The Wilkins-Tufts Explorer

This tool (also known as the TU17/23) is issued to every incoming student and was developed by longtime faculty member Esther Wilkins, D49, DG66, and Richard Saslow, former president of the Hu-Friedy dental instrument company. Wilkins, known as the “godmother of dental hygiene,” authored the discipline’s guiding textbook, The Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist.



Photo: Alonso Nichols

136. Biotene Dry Mouth Rinse

One of the many products developed by research pioneer Athena Papas, J66, in addition to Crest Pro-Health two-step whitening toothpaste, Enamelon toothpaste and gel, and others. She earned the Distinguished Scientist Award, the International Association of Dental Research’s most prestigious honor.


137. Lasting Dental Sealants

In 1967, Michael Buonocore, D45, a researcher at Eastman Dental Center in Rochester, N.Y., launched a new era in preventive dentistry with the development of sealants to prevent cavities, earning the moniker “father of adhesive dentistry.”


138. An Aspirating Syringe

In 1947, while practicing in Stratford, Conn., Theodore Spivack, D40, developed the first aspirating syringe for dental professionals that could be used with any anesthetic capsule.


139. The Cephalostat

Research by Herbert Margolis, chair of orthodontics from 1944-60, led to the development of this instrument that helps diagnose malocclusion.

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