Issues of Tufts Dental Medicine will be delivered to homes and offices in all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and more than fifty countries. From Tahiti to Tehran; Norway to Nigeria, Tufts dentists are caring for patients every day. And while every visit makes a world of difference to the person in the chair, our alumni, faculty, and students are having a broader impact, too. A professor laying the groundwork to improve the health of Rwanda. An oral surgeon pushing the boundaries for women in Saudi Arabia. A student marketing a product to save lives in developing countries. A retired alumna bringing hope to victims of human trafficking. As these stories and others ahead show, the School of Dental Medicine is a force for good far beyond the doors of One Kneeland Street:

Helene Ragovin

Helene Ragovin, senior writer at Tufts and editor of Tufts Dental Medicine, can be reached at