Ken Seplow family portrait

(Photo: Courtesy of Ken and Barbara Seplow)

Since graduating with a degree in government and economics in 1956, Ken Seplow has given to Tufts almost every year. Over the decades, his contributions have grown in size and scope, reflecting his gratitude toward the alma mater he shares with his son, Andrew, A88, N92. Seplow, a former lawyer, investment banker, and energy executive, lives in New York City with his wife, Barbara.

TIME OF MY LIFE “I had a wonderful four years at Tufts. I was on the debating team, I was the sports editor and managing editor of the school newspaper, I participated in intramural athletics, I was a member of a fraternity, and I made many friends. Near the end of my senior year, my good friend’s girlfriend introduced me to Barbara. We went out for a year and got engaged, and we’ve been married now more than sixty years.”

AN OPERATIC PASSION “My senior year, I took a course in opera. I wasn’t at all familiar with it, but it led to a lifetime of interest, involvement, and attending operas all around the world. Just last week, I heard Mozart’s Don Giovanni for the twentieth time—it excites me every time. Opera has been one of the pleasures in my life, and I owe it all to the Tufts music department.”

WHY HE GIVES “I got a lot out of my years at Tufts. It had a family-like, small-town feel, but big-town capabilities. It was important to me, and I want to contribute to the future of people who—like me—went to college to educate themselves and broaden their horizons. I’m not doing anything extraordinary; I’ve always felt it was my responsibility to give back to Tufts. I think it’s just natural to want to do my part.”

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