Wang has given to the Tufts Fund every year since graduating. She also started the Washington, D.C., chapter of Young Friends of Tufts Advancement. An international relations and art history major, Wang expanded her horizons at Tufts, studying abroad in Paris and doing research in Shanghai. It was also at Tufts that Wang met her future fiancé, and developed the love of running that still carries her through long-distance races and triathlons.


WHY SHE GIVES Tufts gave a lot to me so it’s important to not only give back, but also pay it forward for future generations of students. I really owe it to the department and the professors who shaped my thinking and decision-making, and I want to support them so they can continue to help students pursue their dreams.


A COMMITMENT TO SERVICE I’m very grateful to my parents. My dad was a diplomat for a long time, and my mom worked in international development and international rule of law. I was inspired by them at a young age to believe there’s a greater purpose for an individual in society to make it better. If you have the chance, the privilege, and the means, it’s your responsibility.


A LIGHT FOR OTHERS I came to Tufts because of the emphasis on citizenship, and the opportunities to travel and study abroad. It was the light on the hill, and it seemed like a place where one could also begin to be a light for others.


BRIGHT MEMORIES My best memory of Tufts is the day I met my fiancé. I had just agreed to join Discourse, a student-run magazine that he had started. He was a senior and he was full of confidence, and when he walked into the conference room on the third floor of the Institute for Global Leadership, I immediately fell in love with him.