On the safety of fermented foods:

“I actually do think there is a risk... Health inspectors don’t really understand fermented food. It’s not something they’ve been trained to regulate. And I think chefs aren’t properly trained on how to work with these beneficial microbes.”

Benjamin Wolfe, assistant professor of biology, in the Boston Globe, December 12, 2017


On why people should care about online privacy:

“You don’t stand in front of a window and get undressed—you close your shades. When pieces of information leak they can present us in ways we do not want to be seen.”

Susan Landau, professor of computer science, law and diplomacy, and cybersecurity, on Scienceandfilm.org, November 22, 2017


On the #MeToo movement:

“What’s shocking isn’t that women are experiencing sexual harassment; what’s shocking is that people are taking [women] seriously, and not shaming them, and that there have been consequences for the people who have been accused.”

Sarah Sobieraj, associate professor of sociology and director of the Digital Sexism Project, on NPR’s On Point, December 6, 2017


On urban farmers’ markets:

“We need to rebuild all of our community institutions and get back to what matters in some ways. People are really struggling with that lack of community cohesion in their lives, and the farmers’ market is bringing that back.”

Jennifer Hashley, director of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project, on Citylab.com, September 5, 2017


On the benefits of lifelong physical activity:

“You are never too old, or never too weak or never too impaired [to safely exercise].”

Roger Fielding, senior scientist and director of the Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia Laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, on NBCNews.com, January 9, 2018


On waning digital trust:

“After decades of unbridled enthusiasm—bordering on addiction—about all things digital, the public may be losing trust in technology.”

Bhaskar Chakravorti, senior associate dean AT the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, on Theconversation.com, January 3, 2018


On the vast health gap between rich and poor:

“Right now, Medicaid is so underfunded, and pays so poorly, that doctors really would much prefer to take care of people with commercial insurance or even Medicare than Medicaid. I think we make the disparities worse by skimping on Medicaid.”

Harris Berman, dean of the School of Medicine, on Statnews.com, September 27, 2017