Tufts University President Anthony Monaco
Spring 2018
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Brighter World Extends Commitment to Students

In recent months I’ve enjoyed opportunities to share with alumni the vision for Brighter World: The Campaign for Tufts. Our graduates care passionately about their alma mater, and many share with me how Tufts changed their lives. The university, they say, opened their eyes to new opportunities and allowed them to explore new ideas and careers. Brighter World celebrates, reinforces, and expands our dedication to providing students with life-changing experiences.

At its heart, Brighter World will ensure that we remain a student-centered university where extraordinary teachers conduct cutting-edge research. For many students, though, the remarkable opportunities afforded by a Tufts education depend on access. Brighter World is already making progress toward its goal of greatly bolstering financial aid. To date, gifts to the campaign exceed $630 million, more than $170 million of which is dedicated to financial aid. Considering that we recently raised $95 million with the Financial Aid Initiative, it’s clear that alumni, parents, friends, and others understand how crucial financial aid is to the university’s mission. We seek to remain a vibrant, inclusive, and diverse community, where outstanding students can thrive.

Opportunities for personal and intellectual growth also require investments in facilities to support them. Brighter World will permit us to make strategic investments that advance Tufts’ distinctive strengths: our capacity for catalyzing creativity, collaboration, and discovery; our outstanding research and scholarship; and our commitment to civic engagement. One new facility that embodies this focus is the state-of-the-art Science and Engineering Complex on the Medford/Somerville campus. Its light-filled new labs and teaching spaces bring faculty from across the university to collaborate and exchange ideas, giving students exciting opportunities to work alongside researchers who have the potential to change the world by extending the frontiers of science, technology, and medicine. At the same time, we are investing in residential life to strengthen the vibrant campus community that helps undergraduate education at Tufts have a lifelong impact.

Finally, because great teachers can change the trajectories of student lives, Brighter World will enhance our ability to recruit, retain, and support faculty who inspire students with their love of learning, scholarship, and exploration. We aim to increase the number of endowed professors through the Professorship Partnership Challenge we have launched this year. By increasing the number of endowed professorships across Tufts, we ensure that generations of students will have access to the best and brightest minds in their fields.

In addition to making possible transformational experiences for individual students, Brighter World also leverages the university’s unique constellation of schools to generate innovation. Exciting projects bridging the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts and our other schools represent just the newest example of the power of collaboration. And Brighter World will advance Tufts’ global impact—strengthening our capacity to address the most significant and complex issues of our era, from disease and social justice to environmental challenges that threaten our planetary future.

All of these efforts—no matter how big the questions they confront—depend on individual talents, expertise, and dedication. And that brings me back to why our students are at the heart of our vision for Brighter World. Tufts must continue to do all it can to give its students the resources and opportunities they need and deserve. They are truly our future, and it is their work that will change the world. I am proud to serve this university, and look forward to working with you to ensure that Tufts continues to inspire the next generation of leaders. There is much work for them to do; let us do all we can to make sure they succeed.


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Anthony P. Monaco
President, Tufts University