A regular contributor to the Tufts Fund, Sarah (Bolson) Barnett credits her alma mater with giving her the critical thinking skills that have served her throughout her career. After majoring in English, minoring in communications, and interning for the Improper Bostonian magazine, among other publications, Barnett is now associate vice president for foundation relations at the New York Botanical Garden (where she has worked alongside several other Tufts alums).


Tufts was a really formative part of my life, and this is a way to stay connected. I met my husband through one of my best friends from Tufts, and we feel very strongly about giving back to the places that helped us become who we are today. We want our children to one day understand that these are places we love.


I made the most incredible friends in the world at Tufts. Painting the cannon, spending time on the library roof—we really did it all. They were my support from freshman year onward, they stood by me at my wedding, and they are the “aunties” to my children. It’s been fun to come back to the places we loved, like Sound Bites and Professors Row and the house where we lived on College Avenue.


It’s been wonderful to see how Tufts has grown over the past fifteen years. The essence is still there, but in many ways it’s an even richer, deeper school, with an incredible reputation and breadth of programming. It’s something I feel excited about.

Monica Jimenez

Monica Jimenez, editor of One Tufts and Tufts Magazine's Connect section and writer at Tufts, can be reached at monica.jimenez@tufts.edu.