William Scott, A21, was on the Jeopardy! College Championship.

William Scott, A21, was on Jeopardy! College Championship. (Photo: Courtesy Jeopardy Productions, Inc.)

Earlier this year, William Scott, A21, competed against fourteen other undergrads from around the country in the two-week Jeopardy! College Championship. Then still a first-year student, Scott placed second in the competition and walked away with $50,000.  

Test your trivia mettle with six of the questions that Scott got correct during his four appearances on Alex Trebek’s stage—look to the bottom for the answers (phrased in the form of questions, of course). 

1. Government & Politics

The secret’s out—in 1856, Millard Fillmore was the candidate for president of this party, a.k.a. the American Party.

2.  Hodgepodge

Of Japan’s four main islands, the one that doesn’t end in “u.”

3.  Myth-Pourri

This corporation founded in 1892 wants you to know it’s an urban myth that its product can dissolve a tooth overnight.

4.  The Dean’s List

Dean Kamen invented this “human transporter.”  

5.  People & Places

A man from Germany’s largest port city is called this—hold the bun.

6.  Final Jeopardy!
Classic Literary Characters

He declares that one of the people he is trying to emulate is a medieval knight known as Amadis of Gaul.





Answers: 1. What is the Know-Nothing Party? 2. What is Hokkaido? 3. What is Coca-Cola? 4. What is the Segway? 5. What is a Hamburger? 6. Who is Don Quixote? Source: j-archive.com


Courtney Hollands

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