Emily Ruff

Emily Ruff

NAME: Emily Ruff, A11 (International Relations)

RIGHT NOW: Project manager at Context Partners, a Washington, D.C., firm that helps organizations expand their brand

PREVIOUSLY: A sustainability advisor in Jordan, a position that brought together her minor in Arabic and an internship she did in Tufts’ Office of Sustainability

ONCE AN ATHLETE, ALWAYS AN ATHLETE: As an undergraduate, she played on the women’s rugby team and was the team manager for softball. Now she plays in alumni softball and flag football leagues.

IN LOVING MEMORY: She gives to the CJ Saraceno Los Angeles Internship Fund and the Emma D. Blumstein Endowed Scholarship Fund in honor of her friend, CJ, A11, and rugby teammate, Emma, A10, both of whom passed away. “It’s exciting to see the volume of support for both of these initiatives. They’re examples of what communities coming together can accomplish. Both are funded by a large group of people making small gifts to causes that are personally meaningful.”

SOCIAL NETWORKER: She attends Tufts D.C. alumni chapter events to connect with friends, visit different venues in the city, and get updates about the university. “Events have been a great way to reflect on my experience, especially because as a young alum, I don’t have the financial ability to make large contributions.”

HER FIRST ANNUAL FUND GIFT: She attended a Tufts Young Alumni Philanthropy Week event in 2016 that inspired her to participate in the March to the Top young alumni giving challenge. “Even though I’m focused on specific causes, I wanted to do my part and support the student experience.”