Two new solar installations on Tufts’ Grafton campus will generate 40 percent of Cummings School’s electric power and are expected to save the university up to $5.3 million over the next twenty years.

The installations, the largest at Tufts, cost the university nothing, said Betsy Isenstein, who is managing the project. The arrays are owned, operated, and maintained by NRG Energy through an agreement negotiated by PowerOptions, a five-hundred-member energy consortium that helps nonprofits consolidate their energy buying. “We spend about 60 percent less for solar-generated power than we do to purchase electricity from National Grid,” she said.

Two new solar installations on Tufts’ Grafton campus

Photo: Courtesy of NRG Energy Inc.

The arrays sit on eight acres south of the Bernice Barbour Wildlife Medicine Building and on four acres east of Grafton Science Park, a research and office complex on the western edge of campus.

The project supports the sustainability goals of Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco.