Tufts Magazine Editor-in-Chief John Wolfson
Fall 2016
From the Editor

Here's the Good News

Judging from the number of letters we received, our spring issue seems to have connected with many of you. The bad news? Running all this correspondence hasn’t left us with much room for an editor’s letter this time. (Depending on how you happen to feel about editor’s letters, that may actually be part of the good news.) Briefly then:  There are plenty of fun and informative big features in this issue, but one of my favorite stories is a short piece by Charlie Trantanella, E89, who’s writing a book about the history of fraternities, sororities, and early student organizations at Tufts. Did you know that Tufts fielded an integrated football team a full one hundred years ago? Those players got along well, Trantanella recounts, but faced their share of adversity while playing on the road. I learned a lot reading this piece, and I hope you will, too. Maybe send a letter and let us know?