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We Need to Send Someone

All across the planet, nations are struggling for an answer to the question of what to do with the millions of people fleeing war, persecution, violence, and hunger. No one seems to want this displaced population. That includes the government of Kenya, which after twenty-five years of hosting one of the world’s largest refugee camps is now trying to shut the whole thing down. Under this looming threat, the U.N.’s Denis Alma Kuindje, F07, works to project hope in what just may be a hopeless situation.


Hard Work If You Can Get It

Livelihoods programs promise refugees a path to self-reliance, but how much they can truly help remains an open question.

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Love and Trouble

Facing discrimination as they seek asylum, LGBTI refugees need special safety nets.

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Changing Minds

After an ugly incident, leaders in one Maine city look for new ideas for integrating refugees.


Trump and the Deepening Refugee Crisis

Two Tufts professors say the future for millions of displaced people worldwide—especially women—could be dire with a new administration hostile to foreign aid.

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Escaping the Taliban

After terrorists targeted Arslan Muradi’s family in Afghanistan, he turned to his friends at Fletcher for help.

Health and Wellness

Taking Root

With a little help from Tufts, an immigrant farmer sustains her family and a diverse community.

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Hungry for Answers

We’ve used the same strategy for decades to provide refugees with food aid. Does it work?

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Why Syria Matters

The conflict, already a humanitarian disaster, has turned into an international conflagration affecting the wider world, says Tufts expert.


Refugee Champion

A White House honor for helping the persecuted.

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A Cool Head on the Front Lines

Fletcher Women’s Leadership Award winner Maria Kristensen, F02, helps people displaced by war in sites from Sudan to Afghanistan.

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America the Inclusive

Protests against the executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries show how far the U.S. has come, says Tufts political scientist Deborah Schildkraut.

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The Complexities of Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Western nations face thorny legal, humanitarian and practical issues, says human rights law expert.

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Unnatural Disaster

A quarter-million people died in the Somalia famine of 2011. It didn’t have to happen.

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#MeToo in Aid Agencies

A new report suggests that sexual assault is pervasive within the ranks of humanitarian groups.