Tufts History

125 Years and Counting

Celebrating just some of the discoveries, pioneers, and innovations at the heart of the School of Medicine.

Tufts History

Leading the Charge

How Dr. H. Jack Geiger and Tufts created the country’s first community health centers—and launched a movement.

Tufts History

Making Transplants a Reality

Robert S. Schwartz figured out how to prevent organ rejection.

Tufts History


Honoring some of the faculty and alumni who made their marks over the years.

Tufts History

First in the Field

Charles Dinarello and his team cloned interleukin-1, leading to research on how cytokines control the immune response. 

Tufts History

Sea Changes

A look at how the Floating Hospital launched a new era in pediatric care. 

Tufts History

When Bigotry Was a Science

During the 1920s, Tufts stood nearly alone in opposing the eugenics movement.

Tufts History

As Good as His Words

Former Sackler School dean and pharmacology pioneer Louis Lasagna also penned a modern Hippocratic oath. 

Health & Wellness

First Person

Reflections from alums Sandra R. Hernández and Nahid Bhadelia, and professor emeritus Te-Wen Chang.

Tufts History

The TUSM Timeline

Key moments in the school's century-and-a-quarter of medical excellence.