In Focus

  • Outside the Box illustration
    Outside the Box

    How—and why—Tufts is training a new generation of computer scientists to think beyond the operating system.

  • Stronger Together Illustration
    Stronger Together

    How collaboration at Tufts University is advancing research and helping patients.


  • Food Calculator
    Is This Finally the End of Counting Calories?
  • State of the State image
    The State of State

    How a tumultuous two years at the State Department is undermining America’s role as a world leader

  • blue and yellow paint color
    SMFA at Tufts

    The renowned School of the Museum of Fine Arts officially became part of Tufts in 2016—and has been helping the university paint outside the lines ever since.

  • Cyber Security red screen
    Cyber Insecurity

    From smartphones to bank accounts, energy grids to elections, every part of our digital lives is under attack. In a series of stories, faculty and alumni from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy outline the perils we’re facing—and what we need to do next

  • Illustration
    A Veterinary Revolution in Grafton

    How Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University has transformed the way we care for animals, humans, and the world we share.

  • World map
    How One Dental School is Changing the World

    Far beyond the doors of One Kneeland Street, Tufts alumni, faculty, and students have an impact across the globe.

  • Collage of athletes
    Jumbos Rising

    Since 2010, Tufts has become a sports powerhouse. The Jumbos have won nine national championships, in men’s lacrosse, softball, men’s soccer, and field hockey, as well as nine individual titles, in swimming, tennis, and track.

  • Illustration
    125 Years and Counting

    This year, Tufts University School of Medicine celebrates a century-and-a-quarter of medical excellence. To mark the anniversary, we highlight just some of the discoveries, pioneers, and innovations at the heart of our school.

  • Illustration
    150 Reasons Why We Love This School

    Over a century and a half, the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine has helped the profession grow, conducted research that has opened new frontiers, and extended opportunities to generations of students. All the while, we’ve never lost our focus on clinical excellence and improving the lives of our patients.

  • scanning the bust for repairs
    Finding John Brown

    An in-depth look at a Tufts masterpiece that was lost then found

  • Dadaab 2017
    Stories from the Refugee Crisis

    In the United States and around the world, the Tufts University community is responding to one of the globe’s toughest challenges.

  • corridor collage
    The Corridor

    Rising along Boston Avenue is a new hub of science and technology research at Tufts. The Corridor, which runs from Harvard Street up to College Avenue (and even farther when you include the fascinating research being done at 200 Boston Avenue), weaves together existing STEM gems such as the Bray Lab and the Science and Technology Center with the new Science and Engineering Complex and the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex. And keeping it all humming (along with much of the rest of campus) will soon be an efficient new state-of-the-art energy plant.