The Examined Life

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  • The Butterfly Effect

    Jeffrey Glassberg, A69, helped usher in the age of CSI-style criminal investigation by inventing genetic fingerprinting. Then he set out to save the butterfly, and with it the world.

  • Reel Genius

    Meet the real estate magnate who’s betting he can get you off your private screens and back into a movie theater.

  • Dr. Mayor

    Meet Georgia Tuttle, M80, a leading dermatologist and, until recently, the elected leader of a small New Hampshire city.

  • Ciao Italia

    Last year I returned to Naples, the city that inspired my love of art more than fifty years ago when I spent a semester there as part of the Tufts in Italy program. Here are a few excerpts from a travel journal I kept during my most recent trip.

  • The World Was Calling

    During a boom in African-American enrollment at Tufts in the 1970s, this group of friends found a lifelong support system.

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