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  • A Tennis First for Tufts

    Boris Sorkin, A21, wins ITA Cup DIII men’s tennis singles national championship

  • Jumbo Athletes on the Move

    Natalie Bettez wins the all-divisions New England Championship 5K race and Boris Sorkin heads to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Cup

  • Taking a Stab at a Double Life

    Peter Souders combines championship-level fencing with graduate studies in mechanical engineering

  • Race to the Top

    Jesse Grupper, E19, places fifth at the World University Sport Climbing Championship in Bratislava, Slovakia

  • Getting the Gold

    Tufts coach Carla Berube leads the USA U17 squad to the FIBA World Cup championship in Belarus

  • Heads Up on the World Cup

    The rest of the planet is transfixed by the soccer—er, football—tournament. Here’s your explainer