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  • The Department that Built a University

    The transformation of Tufts from a small liberal arts college to a leading research institution started with the hiring of one man: Julian Knipp as chair of physics.

  • AI Is Smart. Can We Make It Kind?

    The rise of artificial intelligence has brought with it all sorts of frightening questions straight out of sci-fi. But a next-level lab at Tufts is ensuring robots of the future help humans, not hurt them.

  • Muslim Millennials and the Lure of "Sheikh Google"

    Young people are increasingly turning to the internet and social media for answers about their Islamic faith, only to find dangerously fake news—and worse.

  • Medicine, Illustrated

    A medical cartoonist—and School of Medicine alum—explains her calling with a comic.

  • Cards for Humanity

    A cheeky game co-created by a Fletcher alum is a hit among stressed-out international development workers

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