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    How Tufts’ Tisch College is working to get young people—the largest age group of potential voters in the country—to actually show up at the polls.

  • We’re Heading Toward a Cyber Pearl Harbor

    But there's still time to defend against the extraordinary cyber threat facing the U.S.  

  • Reel Genius

    Meet the real estate magnate who’s betting he can get you off your private screens and back into a movie theater.

  • Founders and Frenemies

    A new book by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Gordon Wood, A55, chronicles the intertwined lives and politics of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

  • Always Ahead of Its Time

    For more than half a century now, the Ex College has been challenging convention, setting trends, and preparing students for the world of tomorrow.

Tufts Now

  • Good Governance Begins Close to Home

    A Tufts alumna is helping lead a startup trying to encourage recent college grads to go into local government

  • Cybersecurity and the Law

    The Fletcher School hosts a conference on designing international law and organizations to protect civilian institutions and infrastructure from cyber operations

  • Staying Away from the Doctor

    A new study finds that immigrants pay in much more for health care than they use

  • Slow Down, Reader

    In a new book, Maryanne Wolf argues that our brains are changing with all this screen reading, but that it’s not too late to fix the damage

  • How to Make Voting Fair

    Students learn to do the math to counter gerrymandering in this summer’s Voting Rights Data Institute

  • Digging in Their Heels

    Why do Republican voters disapprove of compromise more than Democrats?