Health & Wellness

In Tufts Magazine

  • On the Front Lines of Cancer Care

    Go behind the scenes at our small-animal hospital to meet the clinicians, clients, and pets helping advance how we treat the disease.

  • Better, Together

    How Cheryl London, V90, and clinicians at Cummings Veterinary Medical Center are breaking down silos in cancer research to speed new cures for pets and people.

  • Building a Better Binky

    How a pediatric dentist from the School of Dental Medicine and an engineer with the Tufts Gordon Institute are reinventing the pacifier.


  • Remembering Catherine Wolf, J69

    A pioneer in human-computer interaction, Wolf helped lay the groundwork for the AI voice assistants of today.

  • Taking a Closer Look at DNA Ancestry Kits

    Just how accurate—and private—is genetic testing? We asked a Tufts expert.

Tufts Now

  • Share Your Weight Loss Secrets

    Tufts researchers are looking for participants in the International Weight Control Registry, which they hope will lead to insights into weight loss worldwide

  • Motherhood and Veterinary School

    Cummings School researchers find that women who are pregnant, raising children, or considering parenthood at U.S. veterinary training institutions may lack adequate support

  • Hate Speech Is Killing Us

    Bigotry is both virulent and contagious, causing damage and spreading from person to person, and both victims of bigotry and bigots are harmed

  • The Cost of Keeping It In

    NBA All-Star Kevin Love tells Tufts students about his struggles with anxiety and depression—and what’s most important in life

  • Is Spanking Ever Right? Pediatricians Say No

    Tufts medical professor co-wrote policy saying that corporal punishment harms children and doesn’t work

  • The Fridge-in-the-Classroom Test

    Seeking to improve snacks that kids eat in school, Tufts researchers look at the effect of having refrigerator in the classroom