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  • Ebola Doc

    Character Sketch: Nahid Bhadelia

  • Dinner with a Difference

    Pig tongue cured in root beer? Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Got Muscle Cramps?

    The cure for those aches just might be a simple drink.

  • All the Presidents’ Teeth

    Who didn’t floss? Who was a grinder? And who could have used some whitening strips? Our dental school faculty give some historical smiles a thorough checkup.

  • The Family Gene

    There’s a disease you’ve never heard of. No one has. It’s so rare it doesn’t have a name. Just fourteen people are believed to have ever carried the gene for it. Five of them are in this 1979 picture of my family (that’s me there in the center, in green). The rest can all also be found on my family tree. The disease has killed many of the people I love and now I’ve got it, too. So my family has decided to put an end to it.

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