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About Tufts Magazine

Tufts Magazine is the award-winning magazine of Tufts University. From the classroom to the boardroom, the research laboratory to the overseas bureau, the athletic field to the operating theater, Tufts is situated at the center of international discovery and accomplishment. Tufts Magazine is dedicated to telling the stories of how Tufts alumni, faculty, and students are helping to change the world.

Published three times a year—twice in print and once in a web-only format—and delivered to more than 100,000 homes, the magazine employs crisp narrative storytelling, vibrant photography, and compelling design to highlight the amazing work Jumbos are doing across the university’s four campuses and, indeed, the entire globe. At the magazine’s online home, meanwhile, readers find sophisticated multimedia presentations that augment the work in the print edition, as well as regular web-only articles, interviews, and blogs.