• Chimpanzee
    Animals and Pets
    A Rescue Mission

    For years, international organizations have turned to Jim Desmond, V08, VG08, and his wife, Jenny, to care for primates in crisis and to track dangerous diseases like Ebola. Now, in the tropical forests of Liberia, they’re taking on their toughest challenge yet.

  • Georgia Tuttle
    Dr. Mayor

    Meet Georgia Tuttle, M80, a leading dermatologist and, until recently, the elected leader of a small New Hampshire city.

  • Illustration
    Science and Technology
    Tech Workers in the Wild

    Tufts anthropology professor Nick Seaver explores the hidden world of the people behind music recommender systems.

  • Ropes, Rocks, and Avalanches
    Campus Life
    Always Ahead of Its Time

    For more than half a century now, the Ex College has been challenging convention, setting trends, and preparing students for the world of tomorrow.

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