• Image of a nutrition label with the calorie number crossed out
    Health and Wellness
    Is This Finally the End of Counting Calories?

    For a century now, dieters have been trying—and failing—to lose weight by obsessively tracking calories. There has to be a better way.

  • Christopher Demos-Brown outside his show’s new home on Broadway
    Arts and Culture
    Writing the Wrong

    With his intense new play starring Kerry Washington, Fletcher alum Christopher Demos-Brown is bringing questions of race and justice to Broadway.


  • Illustration of Frances Stern
    Tufts History
    The Unstoppable Frances Stern

    A century ago, a visionary Bostonian launched the nation's first nutrition center to help the most vulnerable members of society. Since then, the Frances Stern Nutrition Center has become a model for other clinics and a training ground for generations of dietitians devoted to the cause.

  • Portrait of Curtis Cetrulo
    Health and Wellness
    Transplant Surgeon

    Curtis Cetrulo, M99, attending surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, helped lead a team that performed the first penis transplant in the U.S. 

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