• Illustration for Voting
    World View
    Tune In, Turn On . . . Vote?

    How Tufts’ Tisch College is working to get young people—the largest age group of potential voters in the country—to actually show up at the polls.

  • Battery life illustration
    Science and Technology
    The Quest To Build A Better Battery

        Improved energy-storage technology promises a cleaner, brighter, more efficient future. Tufts engineers are leading the way.

  • Tufts Amburance group photo
    World View
    Over There

    As we approach the hundredth anniversary of the end of World War I, here is the little-known story of a group of Tufts students whose lives were changed forever after they volunteered to transport wounded soldiers from the front lines.

  • Dentist David Tesini and Josh Wiesman
    Science and Technology
    Building a Better Binky

    How a pediatric dentist from the School of Dental Medicine and an engineer with the Tufts Gordon Institute are reinventing the pacifier.


  • Dog
    Animals and Pets
    Illegal Dogfighting Is More Common Than You Think. This Can Help Stop It.

    New research reveals distinct wound patterns from the criminal enterprise—and may provide a new tool for law enforcement.

  • Pear Lightbulb
    Health and Wellness
    Food Entrepreneurship in Action

    Meet the Tufts alumni behind some of today’s most innovative food businesses.

  • Ropes, Rocks, and Avalanches
    Campus Life
    Always Ahead of Its Time

    For more than half a century now, the Ex College has been challenging convention, setting trends, and preparing students for the world of tomorrow.

  • David Grann
    The Storyteller

    In the years since he graduated from the Fletcher School, David Grann has become one of the world’s most revered writers. His magazine articles are lauded for their technique and depth of reporting, while his books set off frantic bidding wars for their movie rights. Meanwhile, his latest work, Killers of the Flower Moon, was named a finalist this year for the prestigious National Book Award. Amid all the frenzy, we managed to grab a few minutes of Grann’s time to discuss writing, life, and the elusiveness of history.

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