• Georgia Tuttle
    Dr. Mayor

    Meet Georgia Tuttle, M80, a leading dermatologist and, until recently, the elected leader of a small New Hampshire city.

  • Illustration
    Science and Technology
    Tech Workers in the Wild

    Tufts anthropology professor Nick Seaver explores the hidden world of the people behind music recommender systems.

  • Naples
    Arts and Culture
    Ciao Italia

    Last year I returned to Naples, the city that inspired my love of art more than fifty years ago when I spent a semester there as part of the Tufts in Italy program. Here are a few excerpts from a travel journal I kept during my most recent trip.

  • David Grann
    The Storyteller

    In the years since he graduated from the Fletcher School, David Grann has become one of the world’s most revered writers. His magazine articles are lauded for their technique and depth of reporting, while his books set off frantic bidding wars for their movie rights. Meanwhile, his latest work, Killers of the Flower Moon, was named a finalist this year for the prestigious National Book Award. Amid all the frenzy, we managed to grab a few minutes of Grann’s time to discuss writing, life, and the elusiveness of history.

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